Samsung Attack Apple

And China is already in close contact with the three operators to finalize matters concerning the introduction of Galaxy Tab. Earliest by the end of October is expected to formally listed.

SPhone the first to launch in the Chinese market after the attacks iPhone4 Apple, Samsung and hope that with smaller, more open system, the Galaxy Tab, and the Apple iPad fought over the market with another blockbuster.

Samsung Electronics in the United States launched its first tablet PC Galaxy Tab, and the four major telecom operators and the United States with sales. However, the specific price and launch date has been announced. The iPad is considered to be diametrically opposed to the products used with Google Android system, 7-inch screen, WiFi and 3G Internet access.

Four major U.S. carriers Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T Samsung tablet for the pricing and sale date may vary. Samsung also confirmed that various telecom operators in the sales of Galaxy Tab functions and specifications are slightly different.

And only supports WCDMA 3G network version iPad different, Samsung Galaxy Tab program launched under the different operators support different versions of network technology. According to report, because of China’s three major carriers, with three different 3G standards, Samsung also plans to launch in China of products covered by a variety of formats.

Samsung Group President, Greater China Pu Genxi interview said, “Whether we have listed SPhone or future to be listed Galaxy Tab, Samsung is the pursuit of diversity and openness.”

Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Mobile Communications Division, senior vice president of Luki learn that Samsung mobile phones with the Chinese operator’s existing relationship for the next three weeks to introduce new products advantage.

China Mobile, for example, Samsung’s early development in the TD to give the mobile a lot of support. China 3G licensing in 2009, after the mobile terminal in the tender 10 TD successful products from five manufacturers, Samsung took a 4 on the product. January 2010 to June, Samsung TD average market share of 41.5%, ranking first.

In addition, Samsung and China Unicom and China Telecom have also maintained good cooperation. Early September this year, Samsung’s flagship product SPhone to support three carriers three formats.

“China is also the only country in three 3G standards; Samsung is available in three formats of the few international manufacturers of 3G handsets. Samsung and three operators have established a very solid and good basis for cooperation.” Luki study said.

In fact, as more and more began to join a similar communication terminal, terminal manufacturers and operators will be increasingly close cooperation. In Pugen Xi seems like this product in the end is closer to Shouji is closer to the Tablet PC, we are not clear. So Samsung’s strategy is still open and diverse.

Pu Genxi on Sept. 8 interview, said, “Galaxy Tab or involve the listed co-operation with operators, is currently in close discussions with the operator to study. We come to an end of the study operators, it will as soon as possible Chinese market this product. look forward to talking with operators can be discussed when more smoothly. “

For future trends, Luki school, said: 3G operators is to promote the development of the leading force in the market, operators and terminal manufacturers will be increasingly close cooperation. Samsung will fully cooperate with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, the three major 3G operators to open up the market, “Operators need, what we offer.”

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